Fuel Liner – Starting from R1000 you can invest for 3 months with fuel refineries
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How does Fuel Liner work?

Fuel Liners is a platform that connects you with fuel refineries that are registered in USA, South Africa, Australia and Nigeria. Investing directly with a refinery can get you up to 42.3% monthly on your investment starting from R1000 (R500 packages are finished).

Registering directly with us allows you to make direct investments to refineries and get your returns paid directly to your bank account. We have a 4 year track record in vetting refineries we work with & ensuring guaranteed returns for our investors.

How to start?

  1. Register with us
  2. Invest starting from R1000 (R500 packages are finished)
  3. Choose any of the refineries your given
  4. Make a direct payment to them
  5. Upload your proof of payment
  6. Start monitoring growth of your investment weekly.


How are profits generated?

Fuelliner allows you to invest directly with fuel refineries in the world. When fuel prices changes, either going up or down, they have the knowledge first hand.
Your investment is made against the fluctuation, giving you profit when there is a price change in fuel.


Is this legit?

We have 250 000+ investors using this platform for 4 years now; This platform works in 8 countries and so far we have 0 complaints.
All payments are made directly between investors and the refinery your assigned to in order to ensure 100% happiness and safety for both.

Investment Guidelines

R500 - R5000: This is usually meant for new investors that want to test how Fuelliners work. The returns are not substantial however it allows you as an investor to witness how everything works.
R10K - R50K: These investors tend to buy small cars or use their returns to settle debts they may have accumulated.
R80K to R150K: These investors usually put deposits into luxury cars, start building projects or even clear out all their debts.
R250K+: These investors tend to purchase luxury vehicles, start big businesses and invest a lot into property

How much can you earn?

Minimum: R500
Maximum: R1 000 000

** All payments are made directly to the refinery you are assigned to on your dashboard.